Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Working in the bowels of a hospital, working on the bowels of human beings, there is a startling sensation of clarity. All of us are the same animal. This doesnt strike us so often what with our awesomely different skin colours, hairstyles and nose sizes. But we're the same. Really.

That may be a little difficult to believe when everybody looks so obviously different and strikingly unique. Well, not so much when you push past that tough, tough skin which stuns me everytime I try to put a needle in, it's so much tougher than you'd expect it to be, you know.

The truth is our innards do really look almost exactly the same as that of say, President Obama or for that matter, Baba Ramdev's. Some have a few veins extra, others have a couple of arteries clogged. Certain really special people may have their hearts on the right hand side.

But otherwise pretty much the same.

Which makes me understand the true significance of our frontal cortices. The emotions we invest in people is what raises them over and beyond the milling millions of humanity.

We prescribe identities on flimsy bases of language, region, class, dress and perhaps most artificially, of religion.

But under a surgeon's scalpel or a butcher's knife, we're all exactly the same. Meat. We're so fragile; we bleed when we're cut, we seize up when injected with nerve poison, and we're shockingly, shockingly simple to kill.


Sakshi said...

So apt! :)

Unknown said...

They say life is a long lesson in humility.
This is one of those realizations though so ubiquitously present, it strikes hard.

Riddhi G.D said...
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R said...

The accuracy and articulateness of this post do not take away one iota of your usual beauty of prose.
And I'm glad whatever crisis you were facing has passed. :)

S. Susan Deborah said...

Quite true and as physicians, these stark realities are open (literally) to you. I wonder if physicians can be bigot, prejudiced and racial. They may be but how? They know the truth but still move past it.

Karishma, these thoughts stir and disturb the mind.

Joy always,

pantula said...

So true, there ain't no difference. we all die when killed! Nicely put!

Aayushi Mehta said...

Profound post, but more than that, I am quite blown away by your writing :)

Expect me to stalk you from now on :D