Friday, July 16, 2010

15 Things About Me That I Swear Are True (in a manner of speaking!) a.k.a. Tagged by Anty

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

And voila! No more blogger's block! :)

Some rules of the Game:

a) Show off your honesty (and modesty) by thanking the person who gave you the award and link to their post. (Thank you, Anty, with her brilliant purple brains!)

b) List 15 honest things about yourself. Cheating makes you lame, so just play along, all you taggees.

c) Select 7 other bloggers you think deserve this award and pass it on to them.

d) Notify said bloggers about the award and invite them to be the honest ones next.


So here we go!

1) I am a complete and utter movie buff..I can watch pretty much any type of movie, right from Gunda & Daaku Haseena to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Dark Knight to In the Mood for Love and Through a Glass Darkly. I like to think this is becoz I am open-minded and unpretentious. ;)

2)I am also a real water baby, can bob about (and swim quite well, if I want to) in the water for hours together. On a totally unrelated note, I often get distracted very easily from the task I have at hand. This leads me to believe I am the perfect Gemini-Cancer cuspian. See, I find astrology very, very amusing.

3) The only reason I wud enter the kitchen until 2 years ago, was to to eat, but I can successfully claim to cook quite well now. I believe cooking is a survival skill.

4) I can be fiercely competitive and unfortunately have not learned to take failure in my stride all that well.

5) I absolutely love word games. Scrabble, Boggle, Scramble..I love them all!

6) Books are something I cannot live without, I feel all my knowledge has stemmed from reading, education not standing in my way.

7) I like to think of my brain as a receptacle for useless information. For eg, do you know how many depressions there are on a golf ball? I do! If you're dying to know, dont google it, ask me! I love showing my trivia-trove off!

8) I have made several (namely, four) unsuccessful attempts to learn to play a musical instrument, those being, with a harmonium, a keyboard, a guitar and a violin. I have found to my dismay that I have neither the skill nor the patience to stick to any one instrument. And although, I shall never make it, I shall always appreciate good music and art as I understand it, and for that atleast, I am grateful. And for those of you who know, and/or complain about it, I tend to sing for days on end the song I am obsessing over at that point in time. (Pa-pa-paparazzi!)

9) I adore dogs. Their smell, their warmth, their wet nose. It is my personal wish to own atleast 2 dogs some day.

10) I suck at chess, bowling and air hockey. But I always have fun playing.

11) I almost never have dreams, but when I do, they are so crazy they make for THE most hilarious breakfast conversations, and I can laugh at them for hours.

12) I have a life long love affair with travel. Nothing excites me more than the prospect of seeing a new place, local culture, new languages, and food. I wud die a happy woman if I get my wish of visiting the South Pacific islands even if its only the once.

13) I completely believe in the Douglas Adams quote which goes, "Prejudice is an insidious guest. It colours your perceptions of the world before you even know you've let it in." I hope no prejudice never ever diminishes my ability to experience anything ever, in any place in the world. I also have a life long love affair with Mr. Adams, so what if its a little one-sided?

14) I love the World War II era and though I know and understand that it was a catastrophe that should never be relived, I believe it was that era that made the world what it is today. The era produced the best of inventions, gave birth to romance that has inspired books and movies for decades together, characters that the world will never forget. All that intelligence, secrecy, fear, retrospect, the era summed up all the complex hues of life. Definitely exaggerating, I would have to say, I aspire to read every book, fiction and non-fiction, and watch every movie, documentary or otherwise, made about this era in history. This has led me to believe that it is the horror and conflict born in such times that forces us to bring forth our true natures and examine our real selves.

15) I cherish my friends, and though I may proclaim to, I never give up on them, and since I choose them carefully, I keep them for life.

Okay, this post was originally about listing ten things but I can be excused its expanse in celebration of my victory over that blogger's block.

My taggees can, therefore, choose to list ten or fifteen or twenty-five or more honest things about themselves.

I hereby tag mgeek, Deeksha, Pankaj, Arslan, Srishti, Nitisha and Sherry! Looking forward to reading about you guys.. :)


Deeksha said...

Oh my God It has been ages since I have been through the blogosphere. Thank you for waking me up!

HaRy!! said...

endless list... I think of my brain as a looose spectacle :)!..nice..

Arslan said...

You're alive!!! :P Thank you for the award! :) Can I just keep it and pass the tag? :P I'm loath to be honest (and modest) on my blog, you see.. :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Wake up, Dee! and get cracking on a new post! :)

Hary!!, I am flattered that my fifteen points manage to look endless..I cudnt write anything for a long time..maybe the loose spectacle needed some tightening..

Arslan, okay, maybe you cud customize it to be about ten immodest and/or dishonest things about you..but reality is so much more fun than fiction so I ask you to reconsider, wont you? :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

And yes, to quote Celine Dion, "I'm alive!"

Nitisha said...

That was such a nice read. :)
It was equal parts fun and reality check.

Btw, do you know there are people who actually maintain dream journals to record their visions at night? Then, turn these ideas into something concrete like movies, books and paintings!!

Tangled up in blue... said...

Thanks :) and wow, that sounds like a fun thing to do! My dream with the dragon-shaped balloon that chased me through Chinatown cud definitely inspire a movie! :D

Srishti said...

Ooohhh, heyyy, TUIB!! It was FUN reading about these things! I have to say, you have a wonderful, wonderful taste man :D realllyyy.

And omg, the WW2 era was awesome, right? I mean, besides the war and concentration camps and diseases, everything was so arty and sophisticated. and it brought a whole new revolution. Don't you just love the movies set in the earlier century, The Aviator, The Mummy, Breakfast at Tiffany's? They are so sophisticated.

Heheh, ok, thanks for the tag! :) I'll post my 15 things too, soon :D

And sorry for the late reply, my computer was not well.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Srishti! I missssshed you! :) You know what I think about wars? They inspire a lot of change in the world..and altho' its a terrible thing, I think that change is for the better..for those who survive it are better for it..And I agree, the whole hats and gloves thing is very very sophisticated! And totally looking fwd to reading yours man! :)

Rehab said...

I should just copy-paste these points! I didn't know I had a blog twin :)

Anonymous said...


Actually, I'd read this before, and was also about to comment, don't remember what came in between.

1. To be honest, even I can. I especially like the 'Jawani Deewani', 'Khel - no ordinary game'-variety, provided, I'm in company of some good friends and we can mock at them! :D I remember while watching 'Khel - no ordinary game', Sunny Deol had something to say about how his horses would graze over vast expanse of grass, and then someone shouted 'Sunny ke ghode - no ordinary horses'! That was really hilarious. :D

2. I don't know swimming; I can't drive ride anything (except bicycle). :( Both are survival skills.

3. I can cook okay-okay. Will never starve if anything vegetarian is available. :)

4. Though, it does not seem from your blog, I always suspected that, perhaps because you're quite focused on academics, though never discussing them on your blog, and keep time to prepare for your exams, which I never used to do. All this despite the fact that you have lot more hobbies that I have. ;)

7. It is this useless info that gives meaning to life - of course, I just said that for the effect, to give you an ego massage! :P

8. Hahaha! Even I can't play any musical instrument, save my voice box, which well, very few regard as *musical*. :D So, I'm glad that you can't play any instrument - at least one thing less to be envious about. :D

9. I'll never have pets - at least so I think. And perhaps exactly for the reasons you mention that you love about dogs. How's that!

10. Never tried bowling (except the cricket one). Air hockey, I feel depends a lot on luck and bit on reflexes. I don't enjoy playing chess at all, but guess, I have succeeded in surprising some good players with my defense. In fact, very weirdly, I can get into very good positions, but am very bad at going for the kill. :(

13. I'd started with 'The galaxy' series. Started with the first book. Actually, quite liked it. But somehow didn't continue. Will resume some day.

14. Yes, that's something you'd told me before. :) Not exactly, but something related.

15. You cherish your friends, or the things you had felt in their presence? There's a difference. :)

I went through Antara's blog post, and was wondering how a tag that required one to be 'honest' got converted from 10 things to 15. But, now I know, and no, I'm not complaining. :)

Why don't you join twitter?

Interesting read!

Take care.

Kshipra said...

1. Movie Buffs, ahoy!
And some movies are really nice. :)
3., 4. I can feel you here.
5. I love words, and the games....oh and books obviously. :)
7. Trivia people are fun.
8. I tried to learn guitar, but I was told I was horrible at the singing, and no body wanted a novice to spread a headache inside the house.
9. God's gift to mankind-DOgs?
10. But I am good at chess.

Okay, I think it would be suffice to say that I am in love with the kind of person you are....You are uninhibited, and you love books. Keep writing, doctor :)