Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strawberry Swing

Everyday you think the world can be predicted. That human nature is constant and unchanging. That if you've seen enuff of humanity, you will know with certainty how a person will think, feel, and react.

Just when you despair of this regularity, this uniformity, this sameness that characterises the human condition, you will find someone who will turn around and surprise you.

And for that, I think humanity, for all our faults, can still redeem itself. That there are good people out there. And their collective goodness or our abiding good luck is probably why the world hasnt fallen to pieces yet.

Enuff of us are cynical enuff to scorn inspirational emails or quotes as clich├ęd or pointless, but today I was surprised to see kids from a school, inspired by an email one of them read out in class, marching thru our colony planting saplings and seeds of fast-growing plants, to grow into trees that are the lungs of our planet.

I stopped one of them to ask what they were doing, when she replied that they were creating the "sustainable forests of the future" becoz an email one of them received warned them that there wud be no forests left by the time the 22nd century arrives.

She said, she was saving the planet for future generations. I went up to their teacher, Mrs. Bharuch who was their Environment Science teacher and asked what they were planting. Neem and eucalyptus, she said, 'to purify the air.'

She gave me a packet of seeds to plant in our building compound. She said if I planted them now, I'd have to water them for a month before the rains begin.

So now I know what I'm doing every morning for the next month. The kids are taking time off from their summer vacation to water the seeds and saplings they planted.

I was very moved by the whole thing. I remembered when I was eight or nine and Environment Science or EVS as we called it was all about making posters and decorating notebooks and writing a year-end exam. I'm glad these kids are doing so much better.

And I'm glad that I was so pleasantly surprised today. They say, cynics are never surprised. So I guess, there's hope for me yet. :)


Antara said...

I guess, there's hope for a lot of us sad idealists out there.

You're finally back! I missed you. mgeek's right, we'll be saving all your blog posts from now on, lest you disappear suddenly again.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Anty, it is in an idealist's lot to be disappointed, isnt it? But I find there are days that are especially redemptive, like yesterday was for me. :)

And I missed being around here. But as I said to mgeek, I only delete the blog when it gets too irrelevant and unimportant to me. Then it is jettisoned and I start writing a new one.

This is the fourth edition of the blog actually! :D So dont you worry about me disappearing, I shall very much be around.. ;)

Ramya said...


and hello.

Ramya said...

i love the blog name :D