Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On finding stuff..and some more girltalk..

Disclaimer: If you're the squeamish type or the excessively moralising type, please do not read ahead. It is seriously not the best material to read either. There. You have been warned.

M: Its very difficult to locate the clitoris! I totally sympathise with guys here.

S: Yeah! I know! They just dont have such complex genitalia na..

M: As if you know how to locate it, S.!

Me: Yeah, S. have you found it?

S: Umm, yeah, I'm 90% sure that it really was the clitoris..

Me: 90% sure??? What does that mean?

S: I mean, I read about it in Cosmo..and umm, tried it out..

Me: What??? Cosmo??? Seriously???

M: Sweetie, listen S., if you had found it, you wudnt be saying you were 90% sure. You wud *know*.

Followed by raucous laughter for the next eleven minutes.

Some time later in the day, while discussing if alien life cud exist in the universe as Stephen Hawking said he guessed,

S: You know what I really hope exists..the G spot!

More laughter.

(I just had to, had to, had to get this out of my head and onto somewhere.)


Deeksha said...

That's a version of girltalk one would not come to expect!

Deeksha said...

This brings to mind the sex ed class from high school (taken by the,ahem,moral science department).The 'cow's head' model of the uterus and the tubes.....lolz! The reason why men are more sexual (and masturbatory) might be simply this-it is THERE. They look down,and it is hanging there. They look at something hot,and it SHOWS. Compare it to the plight of women,who don't know where it is,who's partners don't know where it is,if it is,how many it is,and no one knows when she is aroused,sometimes not even herself. It is so dark and murky,pun intended.

My advice-compact mirror

Ketan said...

What! This was one of the most enjoyable anecdotes by you, & you put up such disclaimers?

I'm going to stop trusting your disclaimers, now on.

BTW, happy blog re-birth! :)